What to do after a car accident?

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Making A Car Accident Compensation Claim

If you have suffered an injury in a car accident which was clearly the fault of the other party, you may be entitled to file a compensation claim.

Irrespective of whether you were driving the car, a passenger in the car or a pedestrian hit by the car, you have a right to be compensated for all your medical expenses, lost income, lost potential future income and other related expenses that are directly related to the car accident. How much compensation you can claim will depend on your specific injuries/ circumstances, but you can find more on car accident claim compensation amounts further down the page.
What Should I Do After A Car Accident?

Doing the following after the car accident will help you create a stronger case so that you can get the maximum compensation for your personal injury claim:

Even if the car damage looks minor and the injuries look like they are very mild and do not require immediate medical treatment, it is still advisable to call the police to the scene of the accident so you can get an official record of everything.

At a later date, when you can, get a copy of the official police report and keep it with you. This report will contain several important details that could help you when filing your claim for compensation successfully. In clear cut cases of where the fault lies, the report may also include the police officer’s opinion of who was responsible for the accident.

Documentation Pertaining To The Car Accident Claim

Make notes about the accident as soon as you are able to. Include as many details as you can, even those that may seem insignificant at the time. You will need to maintain all documentation and receipts that are associated with the accident. This could include:

• Photographs of the vehicle and of the accident scene

• Photographs of your injuries immediately after the accident

• Memos, prescription orders and receipts related to your medical care, including X-Rays and details of visits to the physical therapist, family doctor, emergency room or chiropractor. Make sure the necessary documentation is signed and dated. You do not want it dismissed on a technical error.

• Keep receipts of all miscellaneous costs that you incurred, which were a direct result of the accident – paying for a taxi service, cost of hiring child care or cancelling airline tickets if you were scheduled to travel.

• Letter from your employer verifying your lost work hours and also stating how much income you would have lost.

You should also maintain a daily diary where you record all other details related to the case that cannot otherwise be substantiated with receipts. For example, if you are undergoing treatment at the hospital, write down all details of how you got there and back, what the treatment involved and how long it took as well as the discomfort and pain you had to go through.

Keep a record of your emotional state on most days. Mention all of the difficulties you have to overcome on a daily basis. All of this will help strengthen your case and get you the compensation you deserve especially if you are suffering from long-term effects.

No win, no fee’ deals

If you use a ‘no win, no fee’ agreement, you will only have to pay the solicitor’s fee if you win the case.

Get free legal advice about your car accident Soliciting the advice of an expert personal injury lawyer doesn’t have to cost a penny! Many of our knowledgeable and experienced personal injury lawyers agree to work on a no win no fee basis. No win no fee is an agreement between the client and solicitor which stipulates that you won’t be responsible for covering any costs or legal fees if you lose your claim. We believe that you shouldn’t be forced to live with the consequences of another driver’s negligence just because you can’t afford costly upfront legal fees